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General Election Results!

November 2nd, 2021

Nov 5th, 2021

Votes are counted! 2,170!

I’m overwhelmed. Every vote is a vote of confidence and now it’s my turn to prove it.

This is only the beginning though! I can’t wait to dig in, learn more about our local government, & how to make it better for you!

What an amazing journey this campaign has been! Meeting so many warm & friendly neighbors in the township; hearing all of your stories! So much hard work & help from friends, family, & neighbors. I couldn’t have done this without the support of my loving wife & family.


A Public Safety Leader for Lower Allen

As a current front-line healthcare provider and as a 16-year veteran volunteer firefighter, EMT, and EMS instructor, I am running for Lower Allen Township Commissioner to provide support for our public safety while enacting responsible fiscal policies. As your commissioner and neighbor, I will represent not only who our residents are, but also their issues and concerns. I will be a dependable leader that residents will always be able to count on to be true to our shared community values. I will bring my healthcare and emergency service expertise to the board to ensure the safety and security of the township. I believe in the value of a dollar and hard work so I will ensure every tax-dollar is wisely spent. By controlling unwise spending, I will oppose any unnecessary tax hikes.


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