Ideas & Issues

My Plan for Lower Allen

As a current front-line healthcare provider and 16-year veteran volunteer firefighter, EMT, and EMS instructor, I am running for Lower Allen Township Commissioner to provide support for our public safety while enacting responsible fiscal policies. As your commissioner and neighbor, I will represent not only who our residents are, but also their issues and concerns. I will be a dependable leader that residents will always be able to count on to be true to our shared community values. I will bring my healthcare and emergency service expertise to the board to ensure the safety and security of the township. I believe in the value of a dollar and hard work so I will ensure every tax-dollar is wisely spent. By controlling unwise spending, I will oppose any unnecessary tax hikes.

Dollar Bills

Public Safety & Health

As a commissioner I will bring my broad experience as a volunteer firefighter, police dispatcher, and EMS instructor for over 16 years and almost a decade as a physician assistant. I promise to ensure Lower Allen Township remains a safe, prepared, and healthy community.​


As a commissioner I will be a fiscally responsible leader and I will review all township spending to ensure our taxpayer dollars are wisely spent. I will also work to ensure our budget eliminates wasteful spending and prevents unnecessary tax increases.


As a commissioner I will be accessible and listen to the concerns of all Lower Allen residents. Elected officials should first and foremost be accessible to township residents they represent.


Community Involvement

Lower Allen Township is a great place to raise a family. To continue this and make our community stronger, we should encourage community involvement and family activities. As a commissioner, I will work to add community days and support many of the holiday activities we currently hold. These events will promote our community as a great place to raise a family.